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    Service Hotline025-5270 2123

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    Nanjing Santa Scott Biotechnology Co.,ltd is a supplier specializing in providing IVD raw materials. Since our beginning, we focus on the development of IVD reagents, and meeting customers’ diverse demands. We have established several product lines, including antibody R&D platform, protein and antibody expression platform, and other platforms. With strong support of these platforms, we provide monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, nature or recombinant proteins, and use recommendations of these products on different assay platforms.

    In the near future, we will continue to develop high-qualified materials in cardiac markers, tumor markers, thyroid, hormones, infectious diseases, and better our tech support.

    We will consistently insist on serving customers with core value of  “Love、Faith、Self-control”,”enterprise, perfection and innovation” as our company spirit, “ mutual assistance and integrity ” as our team essence, and keep working hard on “prospering the life science and caring human health”.

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